Sunday, 20 October 2013

Today mcx comodity trading tips. intraday sure shot calls and levels

AT Monday morning market open with bullish note ,All mcx metal trade with in positive direction,Gold open upside to 200 points to 29650 .crude oil not gained too much but only opened positive side . China's crude oil has fall.6 % year by year the first decline recover in demand after ending Q4 result,while mentha oil gained 1.70 points in 854.60 rs per kg .

Today trading calls :

Buy cotton upside 21100 TGT 21150,21200,21250 SL 21050
BUY zinc oct 117.55 tgt 118, 118.50, 119 sl 116.50
BUY SILVER 48870 tgt 48930,48980,49920 SL 48820

Buy gold 215 at 29695 TGT 29750,29800 SL 29650  
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