Monday, 29 April 2013

mcx sx has started new policy in mid of may base metal updates for today

MCX-SX will introduce trading in futures and options (F&O) on its index SX40 from May 15, 2013. SX40, launched in February, is a free float-based index of 40 large cap and liquid stocks, representing diverse sectors. Trading in F&O contracts on SX40 would be available between 0915 hours and 530 hours from Monday to Friday. 

futures & options on SX40 would be offered in a contract trading cycle of minimum of three contracts having maturity of one-month, two-month and three-month. 

Share market close above 5900 points it gained 104 points and shows a bull positing in other area we have seen a drastic change in base meal the current price of aluminum is less than 100 rupees now it was traded at 99.85 Rs. Zinc also traded on 100.60 points .. 

List of gainers and losers for 

Aluminum sell 
Tgt: 99.50,99,98.50
sl 101 

Buy cotton 
Tgt: 18110,18120,18130 
sl 18050

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