Saturday, 13 April 2013

gold shows negative trend ,infosys also drop by 4.3%

Today commodity market has going with negative points. It was down by 4% to previous value. it shows the lowest value of gold since July.US gold also down by 43 % to its previous value .Silver also drop by 680 points to its previous closing value. At the end of the week bullion commodity fluctuated very well. Price also decline by 5.3 % to1503 USD.Now gold traded at 27852 in early trade it down by328 points to its previous closing value .

stock market Infosys inQ4 decline by 21 % at Friday session. Traders are disappointed to its closing value. The IT major Q4 rose higher than expected 3% year by year to 2394 crore. Global report says that in coming quarters it will show some improvement into their value.

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