Friday, 27 September 2013

monday 30/09/13 bullion commodity idea | Governor awarded today |mcx outlook

today 27 september the bullion commodity was traded on downside in evening session but when day is going be end side that time mcx is shown bullish note.white metal silver has rise by 125 points traded at 48758 RS per kg at 4 pm while yellow metal also show positive trend with silver trade at 29912 RS/10 gram.

You can take intrday support and resistant for gold is 29550 to 30690 and for silver is 47925 to 49354.

the RBI governer raghuram rajan has been awarded by deutsche prize The award is given by Deutsche Bank Donation Fund and is the sum of 50,000 euros. Centre for Financial Studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt, together with the biennial award is based.

30/09/13 mcx bullion base commodity tips and prediction

BUY silver at 48730 TGT 48780,48830,48880 SL 48680

BUY gold at 29905 TGT 29930,29960,29990 SL 29870

BUY crude oil 6432 TGT 6445,6460 SL 6415

Buy nickel at 863 TGT 866,869,872 SL 860

All mcx metals looking on positive side on monday .

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