Friday, 28 June 2013

gold breaks 3 year record today ,intraday support for bullion on 28 june

on Friday morning we are seeing a tragedic movement in commodity market , bullion shows dual nature in all exchange ,gold breaks all record fall by 2% and trade below 1200 USD,gold  shows 3 year low position for today at 10:45 am gold price is 25185. 

Intraday support and resistant of gold is 25000 to 25500

Sell gold at 25150 tgt 25120,25090,25060,25030 SL 25180

silver take a big move of these week ,Wednesday it was  down by  1200 rs but today it is on upside ,not gaining so much positive value but it strong than its previous closing value ,the future delivery of silver trade at 38898 Rs/ kg at 11 am .

For intraday you can support it at 38600 and resisted at 40100.

Buy silver at 38930 tgt 38980,39020, 39070 SL 38880

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