Saturday, 18 May 2013

bullion report and intraday commodity calls for 18 April

IN these April month we have seen the bullion commodity has gone to the slightly way. This has been the worst false in the history of Bullion .gold and silver crash down and breaks the records of previous year ,so you should break up for bullion commodity and not to Buy it , the reason is that if it stand on these position till 6 months . 

The second reason is  not buy gold is that the Rupee is shows a sticky way and not in bull position if we have seen any changes in US market due to fiscal cliff effect rupees reach at weakest point so result is in inflation mood. 

sell gold at 25812 below 25792,25772,25752 SL 25835 
sell silver at 42655 below 42605,42555,42500 SL 42700 
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